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Commissioning a DALI system consists of three basic steps following the installation of the DALI wiring:

  1. Verify the wiring
  2. Initialize the addresses
  3. Enter the groups and scenes

More sophisticated systems may also include:

  1. Calibrating occupancy sensors and photosensors
  2. Interfacing with non-lighting equipment

Verify the wiring (should be performed by the wiring installer)

  1. Verify no pinched wires within the light fixtures
  2. Install all light fixtures and their lamps
  3. Verify that the correct lamps are installed
  4. "Burn-in" lamps for 25 hours
  5. Install DALI switches, DPSI, occupancy sensors, photosensors
  6. Use the dry contacts when connecting the OS to the DPSI
  7. Set the DIP switches on the DALI switches
  8. Set the group, manual/auto and the photosensor DIP switches on the DPSIs
  9. Verify that a jumper wire is installed in the DPSI where there is no OS input
  10. Verify that jumper wire connection is tight
  11. Install the DALI cabinets
  12. Verify that 120VAC to DALI cabinet is from a normal power panel (not EM panel)
  13. Check the DALI Bus wiring for line-to-line and line-to-ground shorts (use Bus Testing Spreadsheet) (Excel file)
  14. Connect each DALI Bus to their respective Busmaster
  15. Verify no faults on Busmasters
  16. Check each DALI switch using their Broadcast Button
  17. Check each DPSI using their Broadcast Button
  18. Check for continuity of each DALI Bus (Broadcast Command goes to all light fixtures on the Bus)
  19. Check for separation of DALI Busses (the Broadcast Command does not go to light fixtures on other DALI Busses)
  20. Install the Moxas in the DALI Cabinets
  21. Place ID label on each DALI Bus wire at each accessible location
  22. Place ID label on DALI switches, DPSI, occupancy sensors, photosensors
  23. Place ID label on each Busmaster and DALI cabinet
  24. Place ID label on each Moxa and interconnecting cables

"Commissioning cart" used by RNM Engineering


Description of components of Commissioning Cart


Initialize the addresses

  1. Connect PDA or laptop to DALI Bus
  • Use null-modem cable between RS232 jack on computer and RS232 jack on the Busmaster, or
  • Use RS232 jack on computer to DALI-SCI module and connect SCI module to energized DALI Bus, or
  • Use USB jack on computer to DALI-USB module and connect USB module to energized DALI Bus
  1. Run “DALI-Tool” initialize addressing; and
  2. Resequence the addresses to match design plans; or
  3. Hand copy initial address onto hardcopy of lighting plans; or
  4. Drag and drop initial address into corresponding light fixture on electronic lighting plan; and
  5. Record status of commissioning process on DALI Cx Status Spreadsheet (Excel file)

PDA used to program and control a DALI system

Enter the groups and scenes

  1. Connect PDA or laptop to DALI Bus
  2. Run “DALI-Tool” assign groups to ballasts
  3. Run “DALI-Tool” assign scenes to ballasts

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