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About DALI by Design

DALIbyDesign, a collaborative, non-commercial website, was designed to educate lighting practitioners, building owners and other professions about digital lighting control—specifically, digital control systems operating using the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI). Here, you will find DALI information, design and commissioning guidance, products, projects and links to helpful resources across the Web.

DALIbyDesign, sponsored by RNM Engineering and supported by the Lighting Controls Association, was developed by Rick Miller, President of RNM Engineering, with some content and site construction contributed by ZING Communications, Inc.

Rick Miller has been involved with DALI since its introduction to the United States. For the past nearly 30 years, he has provided lighting and electrical engineering services for commercial, industrial and government facilities. Rick has been a lecturer about DALI at industry events such as Lightfair International, and has designed, installed and commissioned digital lighting control systems.



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Rick Miller
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